Beckson Vents
Access Plate Vent

AHLP-6 & APHP-6 Add extra ventilation with this adaptable access plate. The vent may be removed and a standard smooth center plate may be installed to keep the ventilation area watertight when not in use. Each unit includes both a vent center and a standard smooth center. Available in low and high profiles.
AP-LP-6 Height = 1.75" O.D. 8.125"
AP-HP-6 Height = 3" O.D. 8.125"

C-6 Vent

C-6 Powered by just a slight breeze, this ventilator automatically exhausts stale, hot, and moisture-laden damp air from inside a closed area to help eliminate mildew and keep odor from accumulating. Moving air over the open grill on top creates a partial vacuum that removes up to 350 cu. ft per hour. Ideal for trailers and storage containers. Light can enter though the clear center. The unit may be closed from the inside.
Hole Cut = 4"

C-7 & C-8 Vents

C-7 & C-8 These are hard clamshell style vents that snap onto a hose adapter for 3" (C-7) or 4" (C-8) clothes dryer style hose.
Hose is available upon request.
Can be fitted with a bug screen.
Dim 5.5x6x2.5"