Plastic Clips

Clipper Holding Clips

Beckson's attractive plastic clips are here to solve your holding needs with style. If your product has an attachment such as a sensor, inspection wand, probe or microphone secure it to the product of carrying case easily. These clips are non-conductive, non-magnetic and non-corrosive making them perfect for indoor or outdoor use. Our safety design reduces the potential hazard for injury present with pointed or sharp edged metal clips. Discover hundreds of uses to organize tools, materials, accessories and parts onto your equipment. Available in various sizes and colors upon request. We use 1/8" holes on 3/4" center for all sizes except CLPR-025 which has a single mounting hole. Let Beckson's molded clips work over-time for you with this new quality look. Counter displays and header bag packaging also available. CLPR clips require a #6 flat head fastener except CLPR-025 which requires a #4 pan head screw. Best pricing is is standard packs of 100 each.
Beckson CLPR-200B Beckson
CLPR Series
Model #
Model #
Nominal Holding
CLPR-025B CLPR-025W .187" - .313"
CLPR-050B CLPR-050W .437" - .562"
CLPR-075B CLPR-075W .625" - .875"
CLPR-100B CLPR-100W .875" -1.125"
CLPR-125B CLPR-125W 1.125" - 1.375"
CLPR-150B CLPR-150W 1.375" - 1.625"
CLPR-175B CLPR-175W 1.625" - 1.875"
CLPR-200B CLPR-200W 1.875" - 2.125"
Our Micro Clip
Beckson CLPR-025B Beckson CLPR-025B

Clipmate Holding Clips

This unique design and tempered B-Flex plastic material make Beckson's clips the perfect way to hold brooms, racks, flashlights, tools. blueprint tubes and other round objects neatly in place. The patented leg design provides permanent holding spring action unlike metal or other plastic clips, which ultimately become fatigued. Corrosion is non-existent. Available in both black and white. Custom colors and custom profiles are available upon request.ClipmateTM clips require a #6 pan head fastener.
Beckson Clip-mate CM-1B Beckson
Clipmate Series
Model #
Model #
CLIP#3/4B CLIP#3/4 11/16" - 7/8"
CLIP#1B CLIP#1 7/8" - 1-1/8"
CLIP#1.5B CLIP#1.5 1-3/16" - 1-1/2"
CLIP#2B CLIP#2 1-1/2" - 2"

Strip Clip

Imagine the same dependable holding power of the ClipMate clip available in new custom lengths. Provided in any cut-length from 5/8" through 96" long to suit your requirements. This strip clip has proven successful in a variety of applications from holding pipes level and secure to mounting billy clubs on the dash boards of police cars.
We stock a variety of shapes and sizes in black and white. Other colors and shapes will be produced upon request. We recommend our 48" length for those equipped to cut their own. Well, that is the long and the short of the sensational Strip Clip, invented by Beckson.