Aluminum Drink and Cup Holders

Powder Coated Aluminum Cup Holder Insert - GH42-

Dress up your Beckson GH43-B1 Glass Holder with this aluminum powder coated round rim insert.  This insert slips in and out for easy cleaning and low maintenance.   This also can be used as a standalone glass and drink holder.  One piece watertight  aluminum is ideal for home theater seating, gaming tables, RV's and more.

Powder Coatd Stock Colors

These units are watertight. It is dishwasher safe. Chip resistant. Fits all sizes of beverages, coffee cups to water bottles.
Dimensions:  Rim Width = 4.5" (11.4 cm) Base Width = 3.4" (8.6 cm) Height = 2.8" (7.1 cm)

GH42-ALG Gold Powder Coat

Gold Powder Coat

GH$@-ALW White Powder Coat

White Powder Coat

GH42-ALR Red Powder Coat

Red Powder Coat

GH42-ALGR Green Powder Coat

Green Powder Coat

GH42-ALBL Blue Powder Coat

 Blue Powder Coat


 Slips into Beckson GH43   Series Cup

Anodized Aluminum Cup Holder Insert - GH42-

We anodize both sizes in black and clear.  This is a less expensive finish and looks great.

Beckson GH42-ALC

Beckson GH42-ALC w/GH43-B1

Beckson GH42-ALC with GH43-B1 Beckson GH42-ALC alone

Powder Coated Low Profile Aluminum Cup Holder Insert - GH40-

The low profile aluminum cup holder from Beckson is a winner on table tops, gaming tables and counters where minimal height is critical.  This is a standalone cup.  No plastic base is available.

GH40 Series
Model# and Color
GH40-ALR - Red
GH40-ALBL - Blue
GH40-ALG -Gold
Dimensional Info:
I.D. 3-5/8” Diameter
Depth 3-5/16”
O.D. Flange 4-3/8”